If you’ve got little ones running around the house, you’ve already been through the teething stage, or perhaps that’s just starting. Whatever your parenting situation might be you’re most likely in for several years of caring for a set of baby teeth. As you work to help instill good dental habits for your kids, in addition to encouraging daily brushing, here are a few things that we think every parent should know about baby teeth.

Children Are Born with Teeth

Although children when they’re born don’t have any visible teeth, that doesn’t mean they weren’t born with any. In fact, children are born with 20 baby teeth that just haven’t erupted yet. Eruption is what occurs when the baby teeth begin to break through the surface of the gums. This process is known as teething and typically begins around the age of 6 months. The first teeth to erupt are usually the bottom two teeth also called the incisors.

Spacing Between Teeth is Normal

As children’s teeth begin to appear, they are likely to have lots of space between their teeth so don’t be concerned. This is very common and actually a great sign for future dental health. The spacing creates room for adult teeth as they begin to appear in your child’s mouth.

Children Need to Brush Twice A Day

Once the first tooth appears in your child’s mouth, it’s possible for tooth decay to occur. Because of this it’s recommended that once your child has teeth you begin a regular hygiene routine. This involves brushing twice a day with a small, rice-sized drop of toothpaste. As your child gets older you’ll also want to be sure and introduce flossing to the mix to ensure all areas of the teeth are getting properly cleaned.

Make Sure to Visit the Dentist

Once the first tooth has appeared in your child’s mouth it’s a good idea to schedule them for their first dental appointment. This initial visit to the dentist is a great way to get an early checkup on your child’s dental health with a quick check for cavities or other problems. It’s also an excellent time for your dentist to show you the proper way to help care for your child’s teeth and answer questions you might have.

At Inland Family Dentistry, we believe that establishing a positive relationship with the dental experience is extremely important. Too many patients can develop dental fear or anxiety related to past trauma or negative experiences with the dentist. This is why we take a gentle approach to early childhood visits with our Teddy Bear Checkups.

We don’t want parents to fear the first signs of teething with their children. In addition, we want to help set older children up for a lifetime of good oral health by establishing great hygiene habits early in life.

If you’re entering this phase of parenthood or just need some advice on how to get your kids on track, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment at 509-525-7250. Our entire dental team is here and ready to help.