Welcome Dr. Olson

The mouth is the gateway to the body. Its health impacts so many other systems and can also relay information about those systems. Periodontists have a unique role in dentistry, playing the detective to investigate what bacteria exists in the mouth that might cause declining dental health. They also build and restore the foundations of the mouth, the jaw bones, to ensure any restorative treatment is anchored to intact and solid bone structure. By definition, a periodontist is charged with the health around (peri) the tooth (odontos).

Dr. Goyer’s analogy for the impact of gum health on the rest of the body puts it in perspective: The circumference of tissue around the tooth adds up to roughly the surface area of skin visible when you make a fist. Therefore, if you had an open wound the size of your fist on your leg, for example, would you do something to help it heal? How could you possibly manage your blood sugar with such a wound? This wound in the mouth is called periodontal disease.

For all these reasons and many more, Dr. Goyer is proud to introduce Dr. Richard Olson to the Inland Family Dentistry team. Their friendship spans decades, and this partnership fulfills their dream of practicing together, offering in-house comprehensive care for many dental ailments.

About Dr. Olson

Thank you for the introduction. I’m honored to rejoin the Inland Family Dentistry team. We tried to make this happen sooner, but 2020 had different plans for the world. I would like to echo Dr. Goyer’s sentiments about fulfilling the dream to collaborate in-office to achieve comprehensive care for our patients. For decades, we have met after hours or talked on the phone between procedures. To actually sit in the same office and look at x-rays together and put treatment plans into action is pretty special.

I graduated form Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) in 1978 with my general dentistry degree. I continued my studies at OHSU receiving my periodontics certificate. I’ve worked just down the road on Second Avenue since 1999. After 25 years of solo practice, I’m grateful to now share an office with Dr. Goyer and Dr. Kofler. The robust team of hygienists are the front lines for oral health and are making sure tissue and gum health are addressed at each visit. In my profession, I typically only see advanced cases of periodontal disease, so to practice with folks who value prevention and make it the centerpiece of the practice is exciting. Yet another example of the collaborative atmosphere at Inland Family Dentistry.

The team would not be complete without the knowledgeable assistants who support the patients, doctors, and procedures. I also admire the administrative folks who can speak the language of dental insurance and help patients understand the financial aspects of treatment.

My practice philosophy is to consider overall health, especially those microscopic forces circulating throughout the body that present via several conditions. Without understanding bacteria, there is little hope for long-term resolution of dental disease. The same is true of restoring the mouth. As a hobby, I enjoy bringing old houses back to life. What would happen if I didn’t investigate the foundation or supporting walls before addressing the more aesthetic aspects of renovation? My role in restorative dentistry is to make sure the bone is dense and healthy and contoured appropriately to ensure any crown, bridge, or implant-supported removable appliance is built upon a solid foundation.

There are many reasons why you might meet me. I extract teeth and prepare the site for an implant, which I can place at the time of extraction or a few months later, giving the area time to heal. I offer many types of grafts, restoring the proper tissue coverage to one or more teeth. I also help those with more severe cases of periodontist work to reverse the disease.

Communication between myself and your general dentist is of utmost importance because we discuss options, best outcomes, and your wishes. Thank you for the opportunity to join your dental home. Should our paths cross, I look forward meeting you.


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