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Tooth Sensitivity: Effective Treatments and Remedies
February 7, 2024

Do you wince in pain when sipping hot coffee or biting into an icy treat? If so, you're not alone. Tooth... Read More
Top Dental Tips for Busy Lifestyles
December 18, 2023

In the fast-paced world that we live in, especially around the holiday season, many people are feeling like they spend all…

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Understanding Dental Emergencies
March 15, 2021

While we certainly hope that a dental emergency never occurs for our patients, the truth is that life is unpredictable and…

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Dental FAQ
February 25, 2021

It’s not uncommon for those who don’t spend their day immersed in the dental world to have questions about the field….

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What is Tooth Decay
February 11, 2021

Tooth decay, more commonly referred to as cavities, are one of the most common dental problems in the world today –…

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Your 2021 Dental Checklist
December 17, 2020

With the end of 2020 rapidly approaching many of us are already looking towards 2021 with excitement. As you look at…

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Tips To Make Flossing Easier
August 25, 2020

Are you flossing? It’s the question you’re definitely going to be asked by your dental hygienist at your next regular checkup…

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How To Reduce Acidity In Your Mouth
December 16, 2019

As the holidays roll around once again those sneaky sugary treats and acids tend to feature more prominently in many diets….

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