Another trip around the sun, I want to recognize the moment and wish everyone a happy new year! While I’ve collected several lessons on our annual rotation, this past year was a reminder of the most important—cherish time with loved ones.

Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed by the office or the trials of family entering a more challenging phase of life, I remind myself of what makes hard fun—you. I have always loved what I do. Trading jokes with patients, watching kids grow up, and serving my community is the honor of a lifetime.

Speaking of our team, you will see a few new and old (meaning you’ve met them before, of course) faces at your next appointment. Susan retired but still pops in to save the day on occasion. Vicky is back, sometimes, solving all of life’s insurance mysteries. New to the administrative team, Maira and Lacey are both learning so fast and bring incredible health care experience.

Tami is our new practice manager of operations; she did a phenomenal job during a challenging time and continues to lead the way, and I can’t thank her enough. Gwen supports the office as needed from home and provides care for my mother (her grandmother) since the passing of my dad in May, and she is pursuing a few professional dreams of her own—check it out!

Dr. Doug Coe retired at the end of the year. We once tried to calculate the number of teeth we’ve seen in our career. It was a significant estimate. Our valley benefited incredibly from his dedication to dentistry and genuine care of all patients. Dr. Yvonne Morgan is heading back over the mountain to home base in La Grande, Oregon. We thank her for spending the year with us and wish her and her family the best.

Our team is thrilled to welcome back Dr. Samantha Kofler! We missed her and are grateful life has provided an opportunity to rejoin the Inland Family Dentistry team. We hope this 2024 orbit brings you, your family, and our team many moments to celebrate and cherish. Thank you for entrusting us to provide your dental care.


Dr. Goyer