When people think of straightening their teeth, it’s most common to think of the traditional metal brackets that you see gracing the smiles of many adolescents, teens, and adults. However, as technology has improved so have the options, which is why Invisalign clear braces have become an excellent option for people of all ages.

If you or someone in your family are considering treatment options to fix your dental issues, then Invisalign could be a great option to pursue. For those who are interested in clear braces as an option, we’ve compiled a list of benefits.

1. They Fix A Number of Dental Issues –

Typically, when braces become part of the treatment plan for your dental journey it’s to improve your overall oral health. Of course, when you’re considering braces, you want to make sure that the treatment option you choose is actually effective.

Invisalign is a state of the art technology that has been proven to fix a wide variety of dental problems such as: overcrowding, over bite, under bite, open bite, gap teeth, and more.

2. You Can Remove Them –

The traditional metal brackets that most people think of when it comes to orthodontics, aren’t removable. Once they’ve been placed you’ll have them on until your treatment is completed. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, Invisalign clear braces can be removed easily for meals and cleaning your teeth.

Being able to remove the aligners means that you can still brush and floss as part of your normal dental routine with relative ease. Metal brackets can sometimes result in teeth stains or heavier plaque buildup because they’re more difficult to clean around, but Invisalign aligners don’t present those same challenges.

Additionally, removing the aligners allows you to keep them clean as well. After meals you can give your aligners a thorough cleaning which will help prevent staining on the aligners and ensure they stay clear and basically invisible during your treatment.

3. No Food Restrictions –

Many of us have been there already with the traditional metal braces. Usually with your initial visits, the orthodontist will talk to you about the types of foods you need to avoid while undergoing treatment to ensure you don’t cause damage to the brackets. While this advice is important, if you’re a corn on the cob lover it can be a challenge. Choosing clear aligners gives you the freedom to continue eating the foods that you love throughout treatment. Simply remove your aligners at meal time like you normally would and enjoy your favorite foods.

It is important to remember though that when you have your aligners in you’ll want to avoid eating. Eating with your aligners on could cause damage to them. Be sure and consult with us about the best way to care for your aligners during treatment.

4. Almost Invisible –

While the visibility of braces isn’t a factor for some patients for others it can be a major concern. Invisalign, since they’re practically invisible, is a great option for patients who are worried about how they’ll look while wearing braces. Aligners are made of a clear plastic that most people won’t even notice when they see you talk or smile.

5. Teeth Whitening Option –

Patients who are undergoing treatment with Invisalign can also opt to have some additional teeth whitening done towards the end of their treatment. As you near completion, we can give you special whitening toothpaste that you place in the aligners while you wear them. This will help whiten your teeth gradually over time and at the end of treatment you’ll have a newly straight and beautiful white smile.

6. Fewer Office Visits –

With traditional braces you’re most likely set to visit the orthodontist once a month for the duration of your treatment to allow for wire adjustments, rubber band checks and more. With Invisalign, you’ll undergo regular monitoring, but it won’t require as much time in the office. This is great for patients who have hectic schedules and find scheduling monthly appointments challenging.

With Invisalign your treatment plan is established at the beginning and all of the molds for your teeth are created at once. Your visits are to check your progress and to ensure the proper fit of each new aligner as you move through the phases of your treatment.

If you’ve been considering braces for any reason, whether simply to straighten out your smile for family pictures or to help with a more serious dental issue, Invisalign could be a great option for your treatment. At Inland Family Dentistry, Dr. Kofler is available to consult with patients who think this could be a solution.