Happy New Year from the Inland Family Dentistry team! Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Inland Family Dentistry, and we look forward to continuing to provide your dental care in the future.

First, we would like to thank Dr. Samantha Kofler for dedicating five years to serving our patients. Dr. Kofler is leaving the practice to care for her family. We wish her the very best.

As we look to the future, and our dedication to serving your dental needs to the fullest, we are thrilled to introduce Dr. Yvonne Morgan.

Dr. Yvonne Morgan discovered her love for dentistry while watching her twin brother undergo full mouth rehabilitation due to a congenital issue that left him without 15 adult teeth. Following that experience, she shadowed a prosthodontist and realized how artistic and life-changing dentistry could be.

Dr. Morgan attended Oregon Health Science University, graduating with honors. In addition to practicing a broad scope of general dentistry for the past five years, Dr. Morgan has expanded into helping patients manage myofacial pain and grinding/clenching disorder with neuromodulator (Botox).

She has a particular affinity for endodontic therapy and oral surgery. She loves connecting with patients and appreciates the opportunity to earn their trust. Dr. Yvonne Morgan will start seeing patients in February 2023.

Drs. Morgan, Goyer, Coe, and the entire Inland Family Dentistry team look forward to welcoming you to your next appointment and hearing your latest updates as well!